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DE ATRAMENTIS Document Fountain Pen Inks

We distribute creative brands that stand the test of time. DE ATRAMENTIS are the lead manufacturer of pigmented inks that are suitable for use in fountain pens. Using nano technology, the very small pigment particles can pass through a fountain pen feed, to reach and permanently bind with the paper fibres. Also known as Document inks (based on the terminology used in ISO standard 12757-2 ), these inks are both archival and waterproof and unlike iron-gall inks of the past, are kinder to fountain pen nibs. Popular with professions requiring indelible ink (lawyers, doctors etc) and artists who need a waterproof ink for sketching, prior to adding watercolour over the top. Available in 18 colours in 35mL glass bottles. Inks can be used with fountain pens, dip pens or a brush. These inks can also be mixed with each other and with the CMYK colours can be mixed to produce any custom colour. A dilution fluid is also available to dilute inks for softer colours. Made in Germany.

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